Clients going through treatment can suffer devastating physical symptoms such as withdrawal, which is caused by the body’s reaction to no longer receiving a substance that it has depended on. During withdrawal, clients may experience anything from headaches, nausea, and disorientation to sleeplessness. In addition, clients addicted to painkillers might see a recurrence of their pain when they cease taking the drug. Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment nurses are prepared for these physical effects, and in consultation with the detox physician are able to administer treatments to ease the symptoms so that clients are more able to concentrate on their treatment.

As addiction is both a physical and psychological health issue, our SUD nurses are naturally empathetic, but have also received training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, to assist clients with their emotional wellbeing. Our nursing team have decades of experience in psychiatric and hospital settings. They understand the psychological issues that contribute to addiction so they can help clients to express their problems constructively, help clients to implement strategies for coping with a new life free from their illness.

Trained professionals need to be present in order to accurately identify physical and psychological consequences of withdrawal, or other dual diagnoses; and relay this information to our psychiatrist or detox physician.

Our 24 hour nursing team at Oasis fulfil the important functions described above of monitoring, supporting and communicating with the medical team, therapy team and the clients.

Their professional care includes exercising the required skills and knowledge to care for our clients medically and cultivating the emotional aspects of the relationship allowing them to be a source of safety and containment. Empathy is essential in our nursing team as it changes the nursing actions into caring interaction and connection.