Let’s talk about you. My addiction life becomes all about you, about your drugs, about fulfilling your need, about coping, surviving, getting away from your pain. Getting away from truly looking in the mirror and seeing you. For some, this is an avoidance of years, with damages all around. Loss of friendships, loss of hopes, dreams, careers, loss of love, loss of family. You may be angry, you may be sad, you may be so caught up in your addiction that your feels are arrested, stagnated, gone.
The process of healing is when you start to look at you, and at all those who are collateral damage around you. The grenade of addiction is what you carry, but the damage that it causes around you is there too. It’s important to see that, because when we do, when we truly see what addiction has done to our lives, our eyes are opened to what it has done to ourselves, to you.
It’s such an important process to allow yourself the time and space to work on you, yet at the same time to create the space to work with those around you. Those who love you. And you. Beneath the drugs, the eating disorder, the self-harm, the gambling, the gaming. You. As you are.
It’s not conditional love, it’s love worth fighting for. Fighting your addiction and finding a way to heal your world.
At Oasis one of the most important aspects is working with our families, working with our loved ones, because they deserve the space too. They deserve the opportunity to face you, both the damages that your addiction has had on them and the prospect, the hope, that things can change. That underneath all the survival coping mechanisms is you. And that you can once again love and be loved. Speak and be heard. Touch and be held. Cry and be comforted. Fall and be picked up. We so often forget the people around us, the people praying, fighting, trusting that we can get well. But they are standing with you in your pain. At Oasis we honor that pain, we respect every person in your life, because recovery is not about abstinence-only, it is about building a life worth living. And rebuilding your life.
Covid has had the most devastating effect on people suffering with addiction because it has highlighted and encroached upon our lives the reality of isolation. Of aloneness. When what we long for is connection.
Reach out and learn to connect again, to live again, to love again. It is possible. You only need to try.