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Kathryn de Gouveia
Clinical Director

Kathryn is warm, empathic and knowledgeable and is a leader by example in all she does. With 16 years of experience, 10 years as Clinical Director of an internationally recognised eating disorder clinic in South Africa, she has an involved and hands-on approach to treatment and recovery. Kathryn believes in life-long recovery. Addiction is treated as the behavioural symptom of an underlying problem or need.

“Each person who walks through my office doors, comes in with their own story, their own pain and their own journey into recovery. Recovery is not found in abstinence alone, but in the new life that is built daily.”

Frank de Gouveia
Director and Head Counsellor

Frank approaches clients with dedication, honesty and a sincere and personal understanding of the hard work and bravery it takes to get to and remain in recovery. He has over 20 years of personal recovery, 15 years of counselling experience, 5 of which were spent as the head counsellor of a leading addiction clinic. Through his own journey, he allows clients to physically see that recovery is possible and that there is a full and happy life beyond their immediate feeling of entrapment.

“We believe in recovery for life. And that by finding the therapy modality that works for each person, freedom to live fully and in the present is possible.”

Landi Mostert
Social Worker & Addictions Counsellor

Landi is a passionate believer in the power of change, with education and experience in social work and addiction. She has worked extensively as a social worker internationally and locally, and began focusing on therapy and counselling in the addiction space with youth after returning from Asia.

She joined Oasis in November as Social Worker, Addictions Counsellor and Therapist. She holds therapeutic group and individual sessions daily. Landi finds joy in helping people come to a greater understanding themselves and their addictions.

Landi has an Honours Degree in Social Work from North-West University and has completed courses in Understanding Addictive Behaviour, M.I therapy and Matrix skilled training, Neurology of the brain and Addiction, Understanding Addiction within family dynamics, The harmful nature of the illness and Relapse prevention.

“After a client has come out of the denial stage, we work closely together to look at the harmful nature of the illness and they begin to change. In this stage the secret of change is for clients to focus all of their energy on not fighting the old, but building the new. This is the most beautiful experience to see any person go through.”

Karin de Wet
Clinical Dietician

Karin has extensive hospital experience going back 18 years, the last 5 as a Private Practicing Dietician, actively involved in Life Knysna Hospital. With a passion for supporting those in vulnerable positions, Karin has consulted at frail cares and other treatment facilities for those suffering with Eating Disorders (ED).

Karin is a Clinical Dietician at Oasis, and is part of the treatment team consulting with ED clients. Her role is to help clients establish normal eating patterns by exploring strategies to help reduce the fear of dietary change. The end goal is to positively influence and change their abnormal attitudes and beliefs toward food, establishing a normal range of food consumption while working towards a healthy weight.
Karin has a BSc Dietetics from the University of Stellenbosch. She is also a CDE (Centre for Diabetes Excellence) qualified dietician, a Guidepost Enrolled Diabetes Educator and is currently completing a Manuka Translational Nutrigenomics Masters course. Karin enjoys being a part of a multidisciplinary team, empowering people with knowledge on nutrition to improve their general health and wellbeing.

We encourage clients to express their feelings and fears around food and weight and the goals they wish to achieve. Then we can explore, challenge and help to replace the mental distortions that cause and perpetuate specific food and weight related behaviours.

Dr Judy Bentley
Consulting Psychiatrist

Judy is a highly educated, experienced and dedicated psychiatrist. She has had a thriving private practice since 2011, after 4 years working in state psychiatric hospitals. She began consulting on addictions and eating disorders in 2014, and the collaborative nature of treatment centres has kept her passionate about the space.

As a rehabilitation consultant, in addition to her private practice, Judy brings a deeper understanding of the value of a variety of treatment approaches. She considers it a humbling and rewarding way of working, and continues to learn from every client and colleague.

Judy is a person who is dedicated to learning and experiencing new things. This character trait is the reason she finds the teamwork and the need to work collaboratively with other practitioners in the treatment centre environment particularly fulfilling.

“It’s very rewarding to work through the difficult dynamics and really get to know your clients and colleagues to ensure we are giving the best possible care. It is such a privilege to hear people’s stories and have insight into so many lives in a way that would not be possible in any other profession.”

Shani Bianca Myburgh

Shani is a driven and inspired counsellor, who brings personal understanding of addiction, along with education and in-depth practice to the Oasis team and clients. As part of her honours degree in psychology, she worked in Johannesburg Social Services and a remedial primary school. She also volunteered on the Phelopepha Health Train in 2018, providing primary mental health services to the local community of KZN.

The most recent addition to the Oasis team, Shani takes on the role of counsellor. She is responsible for co-facilitation of groups, assisting in individual and group step work sessions, client activities and related tasks. Shani finds purpose in teaching and changing perspectives through psycho-education; linking moments, thoughts and patterns of behaviour with clients.

Shani holds a BPsych (Honours), graduating cum laude from the South African College of Applied Psychology and is registered with the HPCSA as a Registered Counsellor.

I thoroughly enjoy when the light and colour comes back into an addicts eyes. Seeing the vulnerability and willingness to work for recovery emerge. You can watch their belief in self and their confidence in a new life return. This is not a job, it’s a privilege to be a part of a client’s process, and join them on their journey of self-discovery, redemption and freedom from their addiction.”


Adri Querido
Bodywork Instructor

Adri creates a safe space where Oasis clients can begin to experience what it feels like to be present in their bodies. She guides them through modalities like yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and chi gong. After travelling the world, teaching Art, English and Expressive Arts to children and adults, she settled and opened her own Bodywork studio.

Adri has been with Oasis part time since 2016. She finds working in the rehabilitation space very rewarding, feeling it very representative of her work and what she is passionate about. Being direct, clear and honest, she is the ideal person to assist clients in navigating their way back ‘home’, back to their bodies… And to build a sustainable trusting relationship with their bodies.

Adri studied a BTECH FINE ART, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Yoga Alliance 200hr Certification, Stott Pilates, Remedial Sports Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage and Fascial Therapy. She is currently completing a SACAP Counseling Certificate.

“I love how our bodies are the vessels that carry our entire experience, from birth to the present moment. Everything that has ever happened to us sits within our bodies, it contains the undiluted truth. Thus, our healing begins by returning to our bodies so that we may process the truth… Because the truth is the only thing that prevails and it sets us free to be fully present, so that we may live an honest life.”   

Tamsyn Ellish
Art & Creativity Facilitator

Tamsyn gives the Oasis clients Art twice a month. She provides a space where they can explore the creative places within themselves unhindered. She encourages individual projects that can link into their own recovery process. The core objective is to create an environment where the client can experience Right Brain processes and their amazing healing powers for themselves.

While being a full time mom, Tamsyn began working with children. Over the years, she became aware of how being in a creative space, where they could express themselves, without judgement and interference, was incredibly healing for them. From ADD to anxiety disorder, low self-esteem and OCD, art helped them all. This led her to many years of research into psychology and art, ultimately leading to the development of a program which she now uses for adults and children alike.

In 2012, Oasis requested Tamsyn try an art session and see how the clients responded. It was amazing, with incredible results and we have worked together since. Tamsyn is a quietly inspiring, calm and supportive force in the lives of the Oasis clients.

“My ultimate hope is that people feel inspired to explore parts of themselves they have never considered worth anything before. There is power in the undoing of negative thoughts and emotions, leading to a more able, confident and creative person.”

Stuart Palmer
Drama Practitioner

Stuart has been facilitating drama-based workshops at Oasis for 3 years. He focuses on bringing the clients into the present moment to experience creativity, exercise their imaginations, find their playful selves and, most importantly, to have fun. After 37 years in film and theatre, he embarked on the journey of using theatre as a tool to enlighten, empower, educate and uplift.

Stuart runs the Lunchbox Theatre that gives educational theatre shows in rural and underprivileged schools around the country. They run workshops with kids in Plettenberg Bay and develop their life skills through the arts. He also runs team building workshops for corporates and small businesses, curriculum-based drama classes at local schools and drama therapy classes at recovery centres.

People in recovery are all on a deeply introspective journey, Theatre-based exercises gives the opportunity to remove themselves from introspection and forward planning. And to find within themselves, the power of the present moment and how that can be turned into something fun and playful.

I get paid to play. But seriously, watching how the arts and theatre can light up people’s faces. I love to see the moments when clients get lost in their creativity and play and just have fun. The words I most want to hear from anyone is, “I learnt to laugh again!”


Brian David Devlin
Financial Director

Brian brings 30 years of experience as the Director and owner of DMKC Insurance Brokers to his role as Financial Director of Oasis. Brian was a respected Chartered Insurance Practitioner, a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London, and an honorary member of the Insurance Institute of South Africa.

Brian offers his oversight on financial matters to the Oasis team and acts as an experienced business adviser. He gets great satisfaction from being part of Oasis, and seeing the work they do supporting people in changing their lives for the better.

Henry Simkonda
Recovery Assistant

Henry is a wonderful addition to the Oasis team, bringing a gentle firmness to his role as Recovery Assistant and driver. With his warm smile and passion for supporting those in vulnerable spaces, Henry enjoys engaging with the clients and getting involved with the activities clients do to support their recovery.

Henry has basic training as a Caregiver and Social Worker by Train of Trainers Malawi and First Aid Level 1 by Emcare the Emergency Care Specialists. He worked for the Samaritan Trust in Malawi as Caregiver / Social Worker, promoting street children’s rights. Henry is also a volunteer pastor at orphanages in his area and is studying an advanced certificate in Logistic and Supply Chain Management.

“I love helping and supporting people from all walks of life and playing my part in bettering their lives”

Anne Patricia Pendlebury
Recovery Assistant

Anne has been an integral part of the Oasis team for 3 years, doing whatever she can to provide support to the clients and staff. Being in recovery herself, she is passionate about helping others on their journey by passing on her own learnings.

After working as a Conveyancing Paralegal, Anne considers herself incredibly lucky to have been offered the job after coming out of rehab herself.

“I am as excited about helping clients free themselves of addiction as I am about staying sober myself. ”


Nomthandazo Olive Kumalo
Nursing Manager

Nomthandazo is a caring and supportive professional nurse. She has many years of experience as a psychiatric nurse for Tygerberg Hospital, Claro Clinic, Tyger Clinic and Imani Rehabilitation. She has worked closely with leaders in the eating disorder clinical environment and strives to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Nomthandazo has been an invaluable member of the Oasis family since 2017. She has an enthusiasm for knowledge of different environments and building trusting relationships with clients. Nomthandazo takes pride in knowing that she has played a role in the lives of the people who leave Oasis more whole than when they arrive. She has Diplomas and Certificates in Psychiatric nursing.

“There is something special in seeing a client come in with a problem or condition and watching them progress and grow in their health.”   

Jody Monique Jacobs
Enrolled Nurse

Jody is one of the invaluable Oasis nurses. Having worked as a home-based carer, an enrolled nurse at Knysna Provincial and at an old-age home, she is an observant and dedicated nurse.

Jody observes, monitors and supports the progress of individual clients. From administering prescribed medication, to supporting clients’ behaviour and participation in therapeutic activities; she ensures that the rules of Oasis are being followed.

Jody is thriving in the challenging and interesting work in the rehabilitation field. She has certificates in home-based caring, Health and Safety Representation and as an Enrolled Nurse.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to learn something new every day and to work with a great team. I initially wanted to work at a hospital, but when I first started at Oasis I knew that it is where I belong. I feel that I can make a real difference in someone’s life, not only by giving medication but by listening and communicating. I also feel joy in helping clients regain and develop their ability to cope with their situations.“

Nomusa Magwaza
Enrolled Nurse

Nomusa is an enthusiastic enrolled nurse, taking her commitment to supporting clients to heart. Her professionalism and organisational skills were honed when working at Mahath Magandi Hospital and St Anne’s Hospital before joining Oasis.

Nomusa began with Oasis in May 2018. She is enjoying learning and growing in the team atmosphere of the Oasis environment. Nomusa is a warm, humble person and is always ready with a smile. She has certificates in HIV and AIDS counselling and Business Administration.

“I love seeing a person get better and finding hope to rebuild or start a new life.”  


Gladys Vuyiswa Desi
Household Manager

Gladys has been at the heart of Oasis since 2005. The then-owner asked her to move from her previous position of thirteen years to join them and she has remained ever since.

Self-motivated, straight-forward and caring, Gladys thrives on motivating and helping others. She is a woman of faith and determination and is a Programme Director at her Church and for the community.

“I like to make things happen and the job must be done well. I want to feel proud of what I have done before someone else tells me that I have done a good job – I want to feel it myself.”   

Johannes Madikane

Johannes joined the Oasis team in 2016. A craftsman with a background in construction and carpentry, he maintains the grounds beautifully and assists with housekeeping and maintenance wherever needed.

Johannes is hardworking and his friendliness is noted by clients and staff. Honest, self-discovering, dedicated and willing, he loves interacting with people and helping to make a difference.

“I take pride in my job and always ensure that everything is neat and tidy before I leave.”