About Oasis Team

Our aim at Oasis Recovery Centre is to provide an addiction recovery programme to promote individual growth in an environment of respect, love, understanding and holistic care. Addiction therapy incorporates a spiritual element – simply interpreted as the need for help from outside of ourselves.

Let’s talk about you!


Let’s talk about you. My addiction life becomes all about you, about your drugs, about fulfilling your need, about coping, surviving, getting away from your pain. Getting away from truly [...]

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Alcohol Detox


Whether it is alcohol or other addictive substances, there are many important things to know about the physical and emotional symptoms from withdrawal before taking the appropriate action to help [...]

Alcohol Detox2023-02-28T06:07:48+00:00



WHAT ARE EMOTIONS? Simply put, emotions are signals within your body that tell you what’s happening. When something pleasurable is happening to you, you feel good; when something distressing is [...]


About Our Practice

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