When life gets tough…
We often think that the issues we will find hard to cope with in life are the big ones, loss of a family member, a divorce, loss of a job. And although these things impact our lives in distressing ways, the inability to cope with life comes in the way we interpret, the way we view and the way we believe these things happened. The same effect can be felt in the smallest things, a friend moving away, a conflict at work, a fight with our lover. Why? Because we hurt in the same place. We hurt in the deep dark core that we know so well.
Failure, unworthy, not good enough. All these beliefs that are so deeply entrenched overwhelm us and shake our very core. These hurts are not from today, they are not coming tomorrow. They have been there for a long time, they have grown in us and yet it is time to say No.
It is time to stop giving power to the people who have hurt us. It is time to recognise that we are more than what we weigh, more than what other people think we are, more.
So today you may be confronted with your beliefs, today choose to see them, accept them for what they are and be compassionate towards yourself from where they come. But never let the negative beliefs define who you are and who you want to be again!