I look at you and all I see is perfection…

For those of you who know me, family is everything to me. It’s what I believe makes me who I am, and what I bring to Oasis and therapy. After all, I’m a mom of three girls under five and they have been and always will be my greatest teachers. What is it I learn from them about being a therapist? I learn to be present, to listen, to learn and to discover my clients world. Not as I see it, but as they experience it. This is hard to do as a therapist because we need to remain objective but for me, therapy can only begin once you understand what your client has been through and how they now view their world.

I look at my beautiful children and think about how their lives have only just begun, and how perfectly they are made. There is nothing they could do that would make me love them any less.

Many of the clients I have met live their lives in self hatred. For the things they have done, the things they have seen and the people they have hurt. Including themselves. They remain stuck in a cycle of self destruction where they hurt and hurt and hurt.

Today, please remember, you are not what you have done. You are you. You are perfectly made and have an illness that has stripped you of loving yourself and being loved by others.

It’s time to learn to love again, it’s time to forgive yourself and allow love in. You as you are, are enough. And although at times it may feel like you are nothing, today I want to say you are somebody to me. You are worth it. You are worthy.