You are NOT a bad person. Making the wrong choices, doing and saying awful things, hurting people we love, letting people down… We all do this at some point… We all have powerful negative emotions inside of us… It means you are human, NOT that you are innately bad.
You are NOT a bad person. You are a whole person, both good and bad and uniquely you. Your life, your pain, your strength… has moulded you and how you process and express emotion.
You are NOT a bad person. Addiction, dependency, rage, anxiety, patterns of behaviour, do not reflect an inherent good or evil… They are simply the only tools you have had to deal with the journey so far.
You are NOT a bad person. Learning to behave in a better way is a choice. NOT never experiencing the worst emotions, but learning how to let them pass without acting on them… Choosing to search for and embrace the lesson in the challenges and to own our part in them.
You are NOT a bad person. And you are not alone. Choose to reach out for the support to learn new skills and ways of being.