A consequence of modern life is that our lives tend to be plugged in to virtual worlds, not from an escapist or self-soothing place, but from a functional work perspective also. Any solution for screen addiction that asks for complete abstinence would for many seem impractical considering how intertwined our lives are. For some, outright abstinence is a solution, for others harm reduction would be the necessary avenue of treatment. This is decided on a case by case basis.

During the first 2 months of treatment at Oasis, complete abstinence is asked for. Thereafter, the client and therapist co-create rules governing healthy use and we start to re-introduce screen time back into the person’s life so that their use remains in balance.

In those first two months; what would be explored is:

  1. Client history and progression with computers / gaming / and screen time.
  2. Unmanageability is explored: family relationships, socialising, financial consequences, vocation / studies, emotional.
  3. What function and needs has being online served?
  4. History of trauma.
  5. Familial relationships; are these enabling, destructive…what needs to change and how?
  6. Practically how will the client meet those needs within treatment; weekly behavioural goals established with the client.
  7. Attendance in a 12 step fellowship, bridges connections and creates fellowship.

As therapy happens within the treatment milieu, people are afforded a wealth of opportunities for authentic connection.