This year has been difficult, many have struggled in different ways. Whether financially due to the lockdowns across the world, emotionally due to the disconnect or mentally due to the isolation.
Through our initial lockdown we made the decision to close our doors in order to protect our staff and clients. This was a hard time for Oasis, mainly due to the numerous calls that we had from people desperately struggling, yet unable to receive the help they needed.
We started our online program due to this demand, and were able to successfully act as a holding space for many across the globe.
This passion to help has remained, the desire to empower freedom from the devastating illness of addiction stayed strong and we are grateful for the privilege that we have had in continuing to help those in pain.
Oasis adapted, in some ways we became experts in travel across the globe, medical visa applications, connecting flights from safe countries and certification as the only private quarantine and isolation site in South Africa.
Today we sit with 15 clients at different phases of their recovery process, working the program offered at Oasis and finding a new way of living.
We are beyond grateful.
I came across the most beautiful quote this year “ We may define therapy as a search for value”. As each client enters our doors broken, alone, and desperate, they have often lost their sense of meaning in their world and at Oasis we strive to help them rediscover and recover their value as they are.
May you remember that you too have value, it may be hidden behind years of hurt and devastation but you are worthy. Worthy of love, care and recovery.
May you have a blessed time over this festive period and if you need reach out! We are here!