For the last few months we have held on with faith and hope that we will be able to continue the work that we do.
With last weeks announcement that international travel is resuming we are beyond excited!
It has been a long wait, and behind the scenes we have been readying ourselves for relaunching Oasis. With the beautiful renovations and upgrades to our premises, our new house expansion, our certification for quarantine and isolation, we are thrilled to be able to once again offer world class treatment at affordable rates.
Our dream and vision is to help the helpless. To give hope to the hopeless and to help people live in a new way. A way that goes beyond their hurt and pain, a life that goes beyond anything they could imagine possible for them.
We know this is possible, we have seen our clients many times walk into Oasis broken and walk out restored, recovered and ready to live their lives.
Thank you for your patience, your prayers and your continued support of the work we do.
Please contact for more information.
Bookings are essential.