Addicts are not problems to be solved, but people to be loved.
If we believe we are alone we can’t see anything else or anybody else around us. Our lives become centered around meeting our own selfish desires without noticing those we hurt in the process.
This is addiction. Isolation and disconnection from the very essence of what it means to be human. It causes us to live alone relying on a substance rather than reaching out for the very thing that cures us of our affliction. Connection. Relationship. Belonging.
The 12 step fellowship offers us home.
For many suffering with addiction, broken homes is all they know, destructive and abusive relationships and deprivation and suppression of needs. In the fellowship we find home again, we are able to move past our hurt from where we came and find our healing in where we are. Surrounded by people who know us, because they are like us.
You need never be alone again.