Oasis is a leading addiction recovery centre, a trusted name in addiction treatment across the globe. One of the few registered treatment facilities in South Africa, Oasis is nestled in the heart of the Garden Route in the beautiful seaside town of Plettenberg Bay.

Since 2005, Oasis has been a sanctuary where clients come seeking recovery, connection and hope. A boutique 14 bed residential rehab, Oasis boasts a secluded and tranquil setting surrounded by picturesque mountains, forests and beaches. The warm secure centre is made up of five comfortable bedrooms that open onto a sunny central courtyard and swimming pool.

The lounge offers a comfortable communal area for residents to interact, communicate or play one of the numerous board games supplied. Relax with a book from our well-read library or DSTV. Residents are free to use the pool or play table tennis at their leisure. Personalised healthy and tasty meals are catered by one of Plettenberg Bay’s finest restaurants.

Kathryn and Frank de Gouveia took over Oasis in 2017 and ignited it with new passion and commitment, building on the great work that came before. As a couple dedicated to helping and empowering people, having held leadership positions in the addiction field for over 15 years, they always dreamed of owning their own rehab. Kathryn’s years of studying and experience as a Clinical Director provide her with the knowledge and the expertise to help clients understand their needs and find new and healthier ways of meeting them. Frank’s personal journey of recovery from addiction and his 20 years of sobriety, breathes life into his passion and commitment to carry the message of hope and freedom from this illness.

With a carefully selected team of leading professionals, Oasis provides an innovative and individualised treatment approach. Each client works closely with the experienced multidisciplinary team, including therapists, counsellors, a psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor and registered dietician. Our skilled counsellors are available for one-on-one chats or crises at any time in one of our therapy rooms, which are used for private or group sessions. 24-hour nursing staff are always on hand to ensure clients are comfortable and feeling at home and safe through their life-changing time at Oasis.

There is often the perception that treatment for addictive disorders and various dual diagnoses has to be uncomfortable, punitive and unpleasant. The Oasis team believes that the process of admitting we have a problem that we cannot solve alone, and the process of healing, is difficult enough.

The Oasis way is to empower people in their journey of discovering who they are, without addiction, obsession and compulsion. Our mission is to rebuild lives through hope, compassion and a dedication to excellence. Through coaching, teaching and guidance, clients move towards living a life with meaning and purpose, with new ways of coping and communicating.

It is more than getting sober in one of the most beautiful regions of South Africa… It’s about achieving true recovery and learning how to live again.


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A fundamental principle of Oasis’ treatment is our philosophy that addictive behaviours are a means to survive… A way to cope with stress, escape inner pain and relieve guilt. In our treatment, a crucial element is creating an understanding of the important function that each individual client’s addiction serves.


Kathryn de Gouveia
Clinical Director

Kathryn is warm, empathic and knowledgeable and is a leader by example in all she does. With 16 years of experience, 10 years as Clinical Director of an internationally recognised eating disorder clinic in South Africa, she has an involved and hands-on approach to treatment and recovery. Kathryn believes in life-long recovery. Addiction is treated as the behavioural symptom of an underlying problem or need.

“Each person who walks through my office doors, comes in with their own story, their own pain and their own journey into recovery. Recovery is not found in abstinence alone, but in the new life that is built daily.”

Frank de Gouveia
Director and Head Counsellor

Frank approaches clients with dedication, honesty and a sincere and personal understanding of the hard work and bravery it takes to get to and remain in recovery. He has over 20 years of personal recovery, 15 years of counselling experience, 5 of which were spent as the head counsellor of a leading addiction clinic. Through his own journey, he allows clients to physically see that recovery is possible and that there is a full and happy life beyond their immediate feeling of entrapment.

“We believe in recovery for life. And that by finding the therapy modality that works for each person, freedom to live fully and in the present is possible.”



All clients are required to undergo an assessment by a medical doctor, as well as detoxification under medical care should it be indicated before admission is granted. We require 24 hours of abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Admission from any geographical area is permitted providing that clients from other countries have a valid passport. No clients will be admitted against their will, and Oasis upholds the clients’ constitutional rights.

Admission is available to all suitable clients irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, culture, ideology, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, language and HIV status.

• Clients must be over the age of 18.
• Clients can be either male or female, however availability of beds in gender specific rooms may require clients to be put on waiting lists.
• Clients need to have a working knowledge of English, however provision will be made as far as possible, to assist clients / patients who may not have English as their home language.
• The program at Oasis is appropriate for individuals who have a history of substance or alcohol abuse or dependency.