Drugs are everywhere. And people are relapsing and overdosing across our world. As much as covid 19 is having a drastic effect on the way we live, work and breathe, it’s also causing a devastating effect on people’s mental health.

Living a life in recovery can be difficult, especially in the beginning and with the increased stress of isolation and financial worries covid 19 appears to be having a deafening impact on the abuse of substances and eating disorders.

Even though addiction itself forces one into isolation, this pandemic has led many to feel completely alone, with no connection, no purpose and no relationship.

Addiction is based in anxiety, based in fear, based in an overwhelming feeling of being out of control. And this pandemic follows suite, creating an uncertainty in which we have no power. It forces us to really look at our mortality and vulnerability, it forces us to look at ourselves as we are, without the defenses of our careers, our families, our friends and our foes. As people are faced with who they are in isolation, many are facing the demons that they so desperately try to forget – failure, worthless, unloveable staying at the forefront of their minds. Alone.

We need connection, we need purpose, we need fellowship. We are all panicking and forgetting the most important part of this program, asking for help. Sometimes we are are so stuck, so scared that we need the people around to reach out for us. People are dying during this pandemic due to addiction, eating disorders and suicide. Reach out.

People all over the world are suffering silently and self medicating. We need to be aware of the signs.

What to watch for?
Increased isolation
Lack of motivation
Lack of hygiene
Constant tiredness
No routine
Excessive drinking or substance use
Sudden weight gain or loss
Erratic mood
Outbursts of anger

Reach out. Let us walk this journey with you and your loved one. Our online program has been holding clients during this lockdown period, our support groups running biweekly and our therapists on call for families in need. You do you not need to do this on your own. You do not need to be alone.

Contact us on kathryn@oasiscentre.co.za