Shutdown during lockdown – no more judgement.

With trauma many people experience a shutting down as a response to the triggering environment. Some push straight into action mode, being productive and practical and others shut down. This is survival.

As we face Covid19, many people are finding themselves locked within their own prison, and trapped in a state of frozen existence. This is a result of the insecurity, the fear and the uncertainty of what we are facing.

What brings hope is that we are all facing this together, and although many people are alone, there is connection.

There is connection every time you make a call, there is connection in every online meeting you attend. As humans we connect through our words, our stories, our faces. One of the most powerful ways of connecting is through listening.A smile, a tear, and we are there with someone, no matter how far away they are.

And then there is you. Every time you wake up, look in the mirror, into your eyes, you are there. Are you checking in with you? Are you listening to your words, your story? Are you connecting with you?

No matter where you are, no matter who you are with, no matter whether you are stuck or moving… stay connected. With others and with yourself.

What if you acknowledged and accepted you during this time?
What if instead of judging, you became curious and compassionate how you are responding to this time?
What if you listened, loved and honored yourself during this time?

Have faith that everything is exactly as it should be right now, including you.