We suffer from a disease of distorted perception, an illness that can turn this present time into one of exaggerated loneliness, despair and fear. A time where it would be no suprise for our addict to take us back to moments in our past where we sit with shame and regret, moments where we feel the need to reach out to people for attention or an ego boost. Moments where our addict may want to predict the future based on past experiences where it anticipates loss, rejection or failure. It would be abnormal for our illness not to, because escape from reality is the addict’s number 1 priority.

Some who have walked this path are having to recommit to the basics of their programme, having to seach within themselves for strength and courage to maintain structure, routine prayer and meditation and connection to their fellows. Some who have just started their journeys are desperately leaning on their new found sponsors, online meetings and taking it one day at a time.

No matter where you are on your journey of recovery, there is a solemn comfort taken in knowing you are not alone. In active addiction, substances revoked us of the power of choice, but recovery gives us that power back.

Today we have the power to choose again, to choose to see this as a threat to survival or an opportunity for growth. As each day passes and despite the background noise of addiction if we choose to get up, dress up and show up for ourselves, we get that much stronger. We have the power to choose to care for ourselves now, to take our own hand and have our own backs. We have the power to trust in others to guide and support us again. We can choose now whether to spend time running from ourselves or building an intimate connection with ourselves. What a time to get to know our strengths and limitations, to seek out spiritually what works for us, and to invest in relationships that mean something to you.

The choice is yours! Today you get to rebuild, restart, recreate yourself in likeness of what you always hoped to be.

Stay Safe
Shani Myburgh
Oasis Addictions Specialist Counsellor