Introducing Our New Program:

If there is one thing that we can be sure of during this time of uncertainty, is that change is here.

Change can be scary, mainly because we are out of control. No matter what we do or say, we do not have any control over the outcome. With this in mind, our team have designed an online outpatient program because powerlessness is something we understand and know how to treat.

Being at home during a time like this is hard on everyone, but those struggling with addiction are carrying an extra burden. Not only reliance on substances, but the internal despair that they are facing on their own. Being alone is dangerous in addiction and it is through connection and consultation that we learn how to overcome.

We have designed an online program specifically aiming at helping those at home learn and understand more about themselves, their life and their addiction. Through groups and individual sessions we aim to help our clients learn new ways of coping, with a specific emphasis on DBT skills for this distressing time.

The program is intensive and comprehensive and although it will never match what is offered through inpatient treatment, we have prepared the groups, worksheets, and individual sessions to help you grow and change.

As we step into the unknown, we discover we can be fragile and strong and terrified and brave all at the same time.

Although we had never considered an online platform before, this is where we are in life right now and we are here to help! No matter what happens in life we can always know that change is certain. We want to be part of the change.

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