Today I felt it…

We have been incredibly lucky up to this point, watching the world spiral into chaos from our little safe beach town. We have walked daily, breathing fresh air and feeling the spray of the ocean touch our faces and feet. We have played with our children, allowing them more independence as we work from home and watching them grow into strong and courageous little girls. The shops are hard, a constant reminder of the times we are in. Masks, sanitizers, sterilizing everything once we come home. But for the most part, we have been untouched. Good friends have been ill with this illness, but have survived and again we are lucky because around us people are dying. People. Today I felt it when a woman I have known for years, received a call that her cousin had just passed away. The phone calls to family, the tears, the shock, my heart broke and all I wanted to do was give her a hug. To be human, to offer my warmth, my love, my compassion through touch. And I couldn’t. I felt lost at what to do. Even as a therapist… I felt lost. This wasn’t me helping a client process their grief, this was me standing in front of a woman who desperately needed a hug in that moment.

It is such a strange time in which our natural instinct of care and warmth are being limited, more than that, being stripped from us. We are not allowed to see family, friends and our need for connection is threatening to our wellbeing, to our lives.

Oasis remains closed, while people are hurting. While people are desperately in need of treatment. And this for Frank and I is the hardest part of lockdown right now. Speaking to families in need, having sessions with our online clients, holding support groups for our alumni clients. Our hearts go out to all those who are struggling. I guess, in the end, all we can say is that we are here. I could go on about how Oasis is still standing, how we will survive this, but it’s more than that, we are here. We are standing in your corner, we are fighting with our government and home affairs to get you here. We care. We are not focused on the money, we are focused on you. On your journey, on your pain, and on your need and desperation to get well. We are here!

Please reach out if you need help. Although it may be the hardest time in many people’s lives right now, and although like with my friend we may not have the answers or know what the right thing is to say… we are here. 🤗