Listening to shares across the world, listening to friends and family in the fellowship, one thing is sure, there is an insecurity that follows us. No matter how old we are, no matter how many years we have in recovery, insecurity of who we are remains.

Perhaps we believe is due to the stigma of addiction, or the role we played in our families, or maybe the guilt and shame that we still carry deep down inside. For being different, for not getting it right the first time, for not being able to cope.

The truth is we used because there was no other way. We used because we believed already that no matter what, we were not and would never be good enough.

But, we are enough. We are enough as we are. We are enough because we are human and being human means we are beautifully and perfectly made as we are. Yes we all have flaws, and that’s where working step four helps. We get to look at the ways we can be better at living our lives and living in relationship with others. But just as we are, just as you are today, is enough.

Insecurity stems from a lack of safety, both around us and within us. Some of us grew up in homes riddled with abuse, abandonment and neglect, some of us experienced painful years of being bullied, some of us were exposed to hurt and pain from a young age, and this lack of safety caused us to internalize our hurt.

We believed that we caused the conflict in our homes, that our parent left because we weren’t enough, that we didn’t deserve better treatment, that our friends were better than us and we learnt to believe that we were not good enough. We learnt this, we were not born with this belief. Through our experiences we were slowly broken down and we turned to something, anything, anybody to heal our pain. To control our feelings, to numb our existence.

But you are enough. You have what it takes.

You are strong enough. You are brave enough.

You are capable enough. You are worthy enough.

There is no one like you. No one who has been through what you have. No one who has dreams like you do.

You were born enough. You are ready. You are enough.