Group Therapy – Step Group with Shani

Group Focus: 

Using Twelve-step facilitation therapy which is an active engagement strategy designed to increase the likelihood of a client ‘s complete abstinence from mood and mind-altering substances/process addictions, this group provides a theoretical and practical guide for client’s to learn to “live life on life’s terms”.   By means of psycho-education of the twelve-step program as well as weekly step work objectives, these groups will focus on three key areas of addiction and recovery, namely acceptance, surrender, and active involvement in 12 Step meetings and related activities. Much of the focus of this group is supported by Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A) and sister fellowship programs, however, the psychological emphasis is that the client engages and actively participate with 12-step mutual-help organizations as the primary means of achieving and sustaining long-term remission from substance use disorder and/or process addictions.

Groups per week: 3 x group sessions per week

Facilitator: Shani Myburgh

Zoom: 478-879-0043


About Our Practice

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