Group Therapy – Addiction Group with Shani

Group Focus: 

Using components of a biopsychosocial framework for understanding substance abuse a variety of treatment models are used to meet each client’s needs during their multiphase process of recovery. This group provides five group therapy strategies that are effective for substance abuse treatment, namely, psycho-educational, skills development, cognitive-behavioral/problem-solving, support groups and interpersonal process. A crucial element of this group is creating an understanding of the important function that each client’s addiction serves.

This group is primarily focused on substance abuse education and the biological, psychological and social contributing factors that underpin ongoing abuse. The group also aims to address elements of addiction treatment such as relapse prevention strategies, associated feelings management, conflict resolution, multi-familial dynamics as well as ongoing motivations for recovery.

Groups per week: 2 x group sessions per week

Facilitator: Shani Myburgh

Zoom: 478-879-0043

About Our Practice

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