Across the world people of NA and AA unite.

Tonight was our first night in. There are many jokes about when you are in your thirties that you just want to stay in, but the reality of staying in is actually quite hard. Especially in recovery. What we need is connection, stories of hope and the ability to reach out and share when we are struggling.

In this time, when there is shut down across the globe, those in recovery unite.

From today, our Oasis alumni clients have gathered round and set times to share their stories, share their hope with our clients.

There is no shutting down of the message of recovery. There is no shutting down of hope. There is no shutting down of connection.

It is a privilege to be a part of the work we do, and an honor to hear the stories of those who have come before.

Thank you to all of you who are joining us in sharing the message of light to our clients in a time of darkness.

If you would like to join in sharing your story, please send me an email at

For more online support please see the links shared in comments.